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Using the Show My Sold Orders View - Checkout

(last updated on 2/28/2011)
"Show My Sold Orders" View:

Details about all of the orders you have sold will display here. From this view, you will be able to manage your order transaction information, such as payment, FFL, and shipping/tracking details.

Color-coded icons indicate the transaction activities of the order. Gray icons indicate action not yet taken, color icons indicates action taken/completed.

Seller Reviewed passed Seller has not reviewed the order Seller Reviewed passed Seller has reviewed the order and has entered/confirmed all necessary costs associated with the order, including tax and shipping
Buyer Confirmed passed Buyer has not confirmed the order Buyer Confirmed passed Buyer has confirmed the order, including shipping or other charges that the seller has added
Payment Received passed Seller has not received the payment Payment Received passed Seller has received the payment, and the payment has cleared
FFL passed FFL information has not been received FFL passed FFL information has been received (for those orders requiring an FFL)
Shipped not received Order has not been shipped Shipped passed Order has been shipped
Not Completed Order is not complete Completed Order is complete

Click Select  to bring up a menu of Actions specific to that order:

Select this Action: To do this:
View Order View the details of the order, including tracking number, links to shipping sites, etc.
Edit Order Make changes/additions to the order, such as shipping, tax and other charges associated with the order
Mark Order Reviewed Indicate that the Seller has reviewed the order, and has completed all costs associated with the order.
Mark Payment Received Indicate that the payment has been received and the payment has cleared
Mark FFL Received Indicate the Seller has received the FFL information
Mark Item Shipped Indicate that the order has been shipped
View Invoice Display the invoice in a printer-friendly format
Cancel Order Cancel the order
Send Payment Reminder Send a Payment Reminder to a non-paying bidder
Contact Buyer Open a window to send the Buyer a message

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