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Advanced Image Uploader freezes when adding a picture using IE

(last updated on 5/30/2013)

Some Internet Explorer users may experience an issue where the browser "freezes" during the initial install of the new Advanced Picture Uploader. This issue is caused by incompatible IE add-ons installed on user machines. Every time new IE add-ons are about to be installed in the system (including Image Uploader ActiveX), IE iterates through all IE add-ons installed on a machine (it is some internal logic of IE). If some of them have problems with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) compatibility the aforementioned problem can arise.

To resolve the issue, install the Image Uploader ActiveX control via the standalone Advanced Image Uploader (Internet Explorer 32 bit version).  For the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer, you must install the 64 bit version of the Advanced Image Uploader x64. Once you click on the link from IE, you will be prompted to either Run or Save. Click on 'Run' to allow the software to be installed. The software will be shown as coming from Aurigma, Inc. and is safe. Once the installation starts, follow the install steps and accept all of the defaults. Once completed, it may ask that you restart your system in order for the changes to take affect.

Once these steps have been completed, you should be able to list an item and successfully upload new pictures via the Advanced Image Uploader. To reiterate, these steps are only necessary for users running Internet Explorer that experience the issue mentioned above. No other browsers are affected.

There is a known compatibility issue between Safari and the Advanced Image Uploader.  If you would like to use the Advanced Image Uploader, please use a supported browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

Please note that we have upgraded to a new version of the Advanced Image Uploader in order to resolve some browser compatibility issues. This will cause your browser to ask for permission to Install / Run the needed files in order for the updated Advanced Image Uploader to work. This is a one time install that will display the first time that you attempt to access the new Advanced Image Uploader.

Some browsers may provide an option to not display the message again. If you see this, please be sure to place a check in that box or it will prompt you each time you access the new Uploader. These files are completely safe and are only being downloaded to allow the new Uploader the ability to properly run.