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Checkout Overview

(last updated on 9/5/2012) has developed a checkout system to facilitate and consolidate communication between buyer and seller. Checkout does not replace the item/auction format, but is a pipeline after the item/auction has ended to capture information required to complete the transaction, such as billing and shipping information.

Click here for a video demo of the Checkout process.

How does Checkout work?

1. Buyer wins item and selects checkout link

Buyer wins an item, either by winning an auction, or by choosing the Buy Now! option.
The Checkout Link can be accessed several ways:
  • On the View Item page after the auction ends
  • On the Won All Buying - Won section of My GunBroker, select "Proceed to Checkout" from the Actions pop up list
  • On the Checkout section of MyGunBroker
2. Buyer creates and
fills out Order

Buyer enters all information necessary to initiate the transaction:
  • Ship to address (For items requiring FFL, buyer enters FFL information.)
  • Select Class of shipping (based on what the Seller offers)
  • Payment method (based on what seller offers)
  • Bill to address.
3. Seller reviews Order
Adds related costs

Seller reviews the order and calculates costs related to the item transaction:
  • Shipping/handling costs
  • Insurance, if applicable
  • If an FFL is required, the Seller will update the ship to address and fill in the FFL number.
4. Buyer confirms Order
with final costs
and makes payment

Once the seller completes the review, the Buyer will review and confirm the final costs.

The Buyer must then pay the Seller for the item.
5. Seller updates Order progress

Seller updates the progress of the order:
  • Mark Payment Received
  • Mark FFL info Received
  • Enter Order tracking number
  • Mark Order shipped.

NOTE: Seller must still receive a hard copy of the FFL and store it in their records by law to complete this transaction
6. Order is marked complete

Once the Seller marks Payment Received and Order Shipped, the order is marked complete.
Buyer and Seller can:
  • Access shipping/tracking number
  • View the order
  • Print out a receipt