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Shipping Profiles

(last updated on 3/6/2015)

In this FAQ: "Shipping Profiles" makes communicating shipping costs easier and simpler to buyers. These "Shipping Profiles" will give accurate shipping cost for multiple quantity item listings. They also permit you to update your shipping cost against all your items at one time. This means that you will not need to update the shipping cost for every single item when your shipping rates change. If you use the checkout system, your buyers will be presented with the correct shipping cost for the item they won. We know that "Shipping Profiles" will help you save time managing your item listings.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to setup shipping profiles:

Types of Shipping Profiles:

Because there are many different ways to calculate shipping costs, has 3 different types of "Shipping Profiles" to tackle these methods. Click on the links to learn more about each profile.

  • First Plus - This profile determines the flat rate shipping cost on the first item with a smaller amount for each additional item(s).
  • Weight - This profile determines the flat rate shipping cost based on the weight of the item(s).
  • Dollar - This profile determines the flat rate shipping cost based on the total cost of the item(s).

How to Setup Shipping Profiles:

After you set up some "Shipping Profiles", you will need to assign your shipping profiles to all your listings. You can do this by editing any existing auction ( as long as there is no active bid on the auction ), or assign a "Shipping Profile" to any new auctions you create. If you choose to use "Shipping Profiles", you will not be required to answer the "What classes of shipping do you support?" or "Who pays for shipping?" during the listing process ( yet another way to save time launching auctions ).

Using Shipping Profiles with the Bulk Lister:

If you are using the Bulk Lister, all you will need to do to assign a "Shipping Profile" to an auction will be to enter the "Shipping Profile ID" of the "Shipping Profile" you want into the "Shipping Profile" column. This process makes listing mass auctions simpler and easier.