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Shipping Profile - First Plus

(last updated on 7/18/2011)

Shipping Profile - First Plus

First Plus is a shipping profile that determines the cost of an item(s) based upon the following formula.

Total Shipping Cost
per class of shipping
+ Cost to ship 1st item
+ Cost to ship each additional item.
+ Any Handling Cost
+ Any Insurance Cost

Here are the steps to create a "First Plus" shipping profile:

You need to enter a unique name for your "Shipping Profile". It would be wise to name this profile something that is descriptive of what is will be used for. EG: "Ammo Shipping Cost", "General Shipping Rules", "Real Heavy Things"
You need to choose your type of "Shipping Profile". In this case, you will be choosing "First Plus".
At this time, you can enter any assoicated handling cost that may be need to package your item. If you do not charge any handling cost, then you can leave this field blank or enter 0.
At this time, you can enter insurance cost that may be need to package your item. You can choose from the following:
  • No Insurance - You do not charge insurance or do not know what the insurance cost will be at this time.
  • Percentage of Total - You charge insurance based upon a percentage of the item total.
  • Flat Rate - You charge a flat rate for insurance.

If you want to deactivate this "Shipping Profile", then all you need to do is uncheck the "Active?" check box. If there are any items associated with this "Shipping Profile" will fail to relist if a "Shipping Profile" is not active.
On the this step, you will need to fill out the shipping cost for every class of shipment that makes available. If you only support 2 classes of shipping, then all you need to fill out is those 2 classes of shipping tabs.
Lastly, you will need to click "Save".

The best way to explain how First Plus works is through an example. Lets persume you ship items overnight, 2nd day, and 1st class. You would fill in the following shipping data.
NOTE: You may ship using more or less shipping classes.

Handling Cost$3
Insurance Cost$1 flat fee
OvernightFirst item cost $10Each additional item cost $2
2nd DayFirst item cost $5Each additional item cost $1
1st classFirst item cost $2Each additional item cost $0.5

Now lets say you have someone who wants to buy 10 items from you. This buyer will be able to see the exact cost for his 10 items on our View Item page and in the Checkout system. This is what they would see.
 Total Cost = ( 1st Item Cost ) + ( Each Additional Item ) + ( Handling Cost ) + ( Insurance )
Overnight$32 = ( $10 * 1 ) + ( $2 * 9 ) + $3 + $1
2nd Day$18 = ( $5 * 1 ) + ( $1 * 9 ) + $3 + $1
1st class$10.50 = ( $2 * 1 ) + ( $0.5 * 9 ) + $3 + $1

There are many different ways to setup a "First Plus" profile. After you have saved your changes to a "First Plus" profile, give you a way to test your profile before assigning it to any auctions. If you want to use the test screen, all you will have to do is click on the "select" button on the Shipping Profiles grid. You will be taken to a popup screen that will let you test your "Shipping Profile".