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Updated Home Page and Web Site Header

(last updated on 1/9/2012) will be updating the look of the web site by changing the home page and the page header throughout the entire site. The image below shows the new header and the home page. The new home page will feature an updated look for Showcase Items and will feature links to information you use regularly. The new header will be more compact and offer direct navigation to pages you use daily.

Browsing Categories: Many people were used to browsing the limited list of categories that were placed on the left side of the old home page. This list was a partial list of all the categories we offer. To browse any category simply roll over the expandable "View All Catgories" area in the header and the list of categories will expand. This list will allow you to directly browse any category within"

Specialty Searches: The specialty searches what were listed on the bottom of the home page are still available under Advanced Search. You can access Advanced Search by clicking on the yellow Advanced Search link in the header of any page. While you are on the search results page, you may want to check out the new Search page that will be released later this year. This Search page will allow you to do many of those specialty searches right on the search results page.

The Home Page changes launched on November 21, 2011.

The Header changes launched on December 12, 2011.

Updated Home Page