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How to Test your Checkout Payment Gateway Settings

(last updated on 3/29/2012)

Test Gateway Page

The Test Gateway page can be accessed from My GunBroker> Checkout > Setup.
It is available if you have entered your payment gateway information.
To test making a charge on your payment gateway through the system,
please make sure that the gateway information on the Test Gateway screen is correct.
After this, enter in a valid credit card and card holder information in the fields provided.
Once you have filled in this information press the "Test Gateway" button.

Doing so will attempt to charge $1.00 to the credit card provided if the gateway information is correct,
and the charge is approved.  We will inform you if this transaction passes or fails as well as the
information we received from your payment gateway.

If you are having issues getting a transaction to approve, please use this information to work with your payment gateway to resolve any issues.

If a transaction is successful on the Test Gateway page, then your payment gateway is properly configured and you can enable Checkout and begin to accept payment for qualified items through the checkout system.