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How do I accept payments using PAI / ePN?

(last updated on 4/26/2012)

Using Payment Alliance Merchant Services in Checkout:

Payment Alliance International will process credit & debit cards in's Checkout system. Payment Alliance was the first to create a complete Shooting Sports Payments Package and is endorsed by

Step 1: Sign up for Merchant Services through Payment Alliance International.

Step 2: Enable Checkout:
The checkout system must be enabled before it is active.

  • From your My GunBroker page, click Checkout > Setup.
  • Select the checkbox in the window labeled "Enable Checkout" on the Checkout setup screen.
  • To display a logo, you may put in an external link to a .jpg or .gif image (optional).
Enable Checkout

Step 3: Enter Payment Gateway Information

  • Select your payment gateway from the drop down list of supported gateways. Payment Alliance's gateway is eProcessing Network.
  • Fill in the required fields for that gateway. This information will be provided by Payment Alliance.
  • Click "Save Changes"
Enter Payment Gateway Information

Step 4: Test Payment Gateway

You can test processing a charge through to your payment gateway through the system. We will charge $1.00 to a credit card of your choice through the gateway. You will be notified if the charge is approved or declined as well as information about the gateway response. With this response, you may work with your gateway to troubleshoot any problems with your setup.

Click "Test Gateway" button at the bottom of the Payment Gateway Information screen, and follow the prompts on the screen.