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Why am I being charged a $2 Verification fee?

(last updated on 8/13/2012) requires extended identity verification in order for you to have access to certain functions in the system. This extended verification is administered by a third party and requires a fee of $2.00. It is not a monthly recurring fee.
  • This process is similar to that used by banks and credit companies to secure personal information.
  • Your answers are used solely to make sure the person requesting access is actually you.
  • does not have visibility or access to these questions or your answers.

This $2.00 fee is applied to your account when you submit your information for verification and is due regardless of whether the account was successfully verified. We reserve the right to deny access to site features if we are unable to verify your identity. This fee is not a recurring monthly fee.

There are two places in the registration process where we reference the $2.00 Verification fee. The first instance is after the User clicks the "Verify your Account" link:

This screen states the $2 User Verification fee is required. The user must mark the check box and select "Next" in order to continue:

Before August 13, 2012:

The user is also notified about the $2 Verification fee when the credit card page is displayed.