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How to use GunBroker.Com Checkout - Video Examples

(last updated on 7/26/2012) Checkout is a post-sale pipeline to capture information required to complete the transaction. Some sellers are setup to take credit card payments through the Checkout system, which expedites the post-sale process. These videos demonstrate how Buyers and Sellers use Checkout to communicate after the sale.

Learn how to allow buyers the ability to pay you quickly and securely the instant a listing has ended.

Demo 1: Seller is setup to take credit cards through Checkout:

This video demonstrates the checkout workflow when a seller is set up to accept credit cards through's checkout system. In order to take advantage of this feature, a seller must have a merchant account associated with one of the payment gateways supported by

Demo 2: Seller is not setup to take credit cards through Checkout:

This illustrates how checkout works when a seller is not set up to take credit cards through the checkout system. Buyer and seller can use checkout to gather information and communicate after the sale, however payment must be made over the phone or via mail.