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Create a Link to a List of Items you are Selling

(last updated on 4/16/2013)

Sharing your items for sale on with social networking sites, forums and your community of friends and firearms enthusiasts is a free and effective way to drive traffic to your listings.

The following video demonstrates how to create a link to a list of items you are selling on

Get the Code:

This page will generate the code to create a link displaying an item or a list of items you are currently selling . You will need to be logged in to access this page.

Seller linking 'Do's and Don'ts':

  • Do not use server-side site redirects to link to pages. Instead, use HTML markup when linking to a page.
  • Use the code in your membership profile to link to your items.
  • Please do not scrape or copy the content directly from This is against our Terms of Service, and can appear manipulative to search engines. Instead, use and HTML iFrame to display a list of items on your website.
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