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Paypal no longer allows firearm or lethal weapon sales

(last updated on 1/10/2010)

PayPal does not allow the use of its service or logo for selling firearms, certain firearm parts or ammunition.

Click the following links to read the PayPal Acceptable use policy and PayPal's FAQ about firearm sales. Using PayPal for payments associated with items that are prohibited by their Acceptable Use Policy may result in the suspension or closure of your PayPal account. If you have a question as to whether your product complies with PayPal's policies, you can send an email to with a description of the product and a link to the URL where it is being sold.

Unfortunately all of the major online payment services have banned firearm and ammunition payments. Using online payment services like PayPal could result in the payment being declined. The best payment service that we can recommend to use is the US Postal Service and the US Postal Money Order. Click here to read about US Postal Money Orders:

Because we do not have the ability to police and review each and every auction item sold, and because the PayPal policy can be interpreted to cover many weapons that may fire a lethal projectile or be converted into something that could fire a lethal projectile, we have applied an automated procedure to remove all PayPal logos and links from all auctions placed within the Firearms categories. It is not our policy to stop users from using the PayPal service, only that we are removing the ability to display the PayPal logo on those item listings that would likely be included in their broad policy against firearms.