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Find Taurus firearms for sale on The world's largest gun auction website, carries a large selection of pistols and revolvers made by Taurus. Read the helpful information below that outlines the history of Taurus pistols. If you are listing a Taurus pistol for sale on, feel free to use this information to help inform potential buyers and fill out your listing.

Forjas Taurus was founded in 1939 in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and they have been producing quality firearms ever since. Taurus pistols and revolvers are known the world over for their reliability and innovative designs. Under the umbrella of the same parent company as Smith & Wesson for the majority of the 1970s, Taurus pistols shared or riffed on many different S&W designs.

The impressive line of Taurus firearms includes a variety of Taurus pistols, revolvers and rifles. Many law enforcement agencies count on Taurus firearms every day, as do militaries, hunters, sport shooters and civilians for home defense. A popular Taurus pistol model is the Taurus 24 7, and you can also take a look at our constantly changing inventory of other great pistols.

Other popular Taurus pistols include the Millennium series. These weapons are a good choice for self-defense and concealed carry owners. The Taurus PT1911, a clone of the M1911, is the Taurus take on the celebrated U.S. armed services' pistol of both World Wars and the campaigns in Korea and Vietnam. Like many Taurus pistols, this gun offers a great design and a great value.

Find whatever type of Taurus pistols or rifles you are looking for today by browsing our complete offering of new and used firearms. Remember, at, the world's largest gun auction site, new auctions are uploaded by our trusted sellers all the time, so check back regularly to find the best deal on Taurus Firearms. If you can't find one of the Taurus pistols or revolvers you are looking for today, you're almost sure to find it in the near future from one of our many sellers.

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