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Find Taurus pistols for sale at GunBroker.com, the world's largest gun auction site. You can buy Taurus handguns with confidence from thousands of sellers who list their products every day at GunBroker.com. Founded (and still headquartered) in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in the late 1930s, Taurus produced its first revolver - the model 38101SO - in 1941. Since then it has developed a multitude of revolvers, rifles and pistols - the latter that includes the popular Millennium Series that law enforcement and civilians continue to rely on today. The Taurus manufacturing company also makes other wares, like plastics, metals and body armor. As the world's largest gun auction site, we offer many different types of Taurus pistols, including the popular Taurus 24 7. Whatever type of Taurus pistol you're looking for, start your search for quality firearms at GunBroker.com.

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