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Thompson/Center Arms History & Products

Founded in 1965 in Rochester, New Hampshire, Thompson/Center Arms is the combined brainchild of K.W. Thompson and Warren Center. Searching for a profitable product to manufacture with his tooling company, Thompson found a partner when introduced to Center and his Contender pistol design. The Contender's versatility and durability as a high performance hunting handgun continue today.

In 1970, Thompson/Center revived the black powder industry, modernizing muzzleloading rifles. At that time most existing muzzleloading rifles were antiques and collectibles that owners chose not to fire. The Hawken rifle changed this, providing black powder enthusiasts with a reliable and affordable muzzleloading rifle. Even today Thompson/Center offers a range of single-shot rifles and pistols. While the original Hawken is still available, modernized versions of muzzleloading rifles are available to the hunters interested in single-shot guns that are easier to clean and more accurate.

In addition to muzzleloading pistols and rifles, Thompson/Center also provides the necessary accessories for black powder pistols, including ramrods, powder measures and roundball patches. Also popular are Thompson/Center's interchangeable bolt-action rifles as well as their youth models. Bought by Smith & Wesson Holdings, Co. in 2007, Thompson/Center Arms is also recognized as Smith & Wesson Hunting.

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