is by far the largest person-to-person online auction site for hunters, sport shooters, gun collectors, knives & swords, air guns, archery and accessories. Hitwise, an independent traffic rating service, ranks as their 3rd largest site in their United States 'Shopping and Classifieds - Auctions' category based on monthly average market share. Quantcast ranks in their top 1,500 largest sites of any kind based on US unique monthly visitors.

What is is an auction site where sellers can list items for sale and potential buyers can browse the listings and bid on the items. If you bid on the item and win it, you and the seller contact each other and make arrangements for payment and delivery of the item you won. We are very much like the classified ads in a newspaper in that individual sellers post the items for sale and individual buyers purchase the items. Unlike classified ads, the auction manages the sale process, provides a convenient form of communication between buyer and seller, and offers rich, varied, and up-to-date information on the item being sold (often including a picture).

An important note: Aside from hats, shirts, and other promotional merchandise bearing our logo, does not sell any of the items listed on this auction site. We feel that selling items and running the auction would be a considerable conflict of interest, especially when managing feedback or transactional disputes.

Can I buy or sell here?

Anyone who is legally allowed to own an item is allowed to buy or sell it here. There are laws regarding the sale and transfer of firearms, ammunition, antique guns, knives, and many of the other items for sale here. Our Buyer's Tutorial contains information on how to buy items legally. Our Seller's Tutorial contains information on how to sell items legally.

You must Register with us to bid on or sell items. Registration is free, safe, and private. We do not share your registration information with any third party for marketing purposes without your consent and we do not send you junk email - please see our Privacy Policy for details. Click here to proceed to our our registration form.

Sellers - Please read our Seller's Tutorial for information on how to sell an item through

Buyers - Please read our Buyer's Tutorial for information on how to bid on and buy an item through

What does it cost?

You can Register to use our site free. There are no fees to bid on or buy an item (of course, you must pay for the item itself). Sellers can place basic auction listings free of charge and there are no fees for basic listings unless the item sells. When placing an auction listing we offer some optional services for which we do charge a small fee. Please refer to our Fees page for full details on our fees.

Is it safe? is committed to your safety. We are the only shooting sports related online auction that offers Buyer's Protection to protect the buyer from being ripped off by a seller. No other shooting sports auction or classified ads (in print or offline) provides any form of protection against fraud.

We are committed to the safety and privacy of your personal information. Our Privacy Policy explains how we safeguard your personal information and how we keep it safe from hackers and thieves.

Complaints about a buyer being defrauded by a seller are extremely rare at due to the steps we take to keep potentially malicious users off this site. In spite of our excellent track record and our Buyer's Protection, there are several suggestions we make to guard against problems:

  1. Always check the seller's feedback rating before placing a bid on an item. You can use View User Feedback located on our For Sellers or For Buyers pages.
  2. Pay by credit card if possible. Credit cards give you specific legal rights in the event there is any problem with the transaction.
  3. If cannot or do not wish to use credit cards, pay by US Post Office money and send payment by US Mail. This way, the Post Office is a strong resource in case of any problems.
  4. For items whose cost exceeds the limit of our Buyer's Protection ($500), we strongly urge you to consider using an online Escrow Service. For a reasonable fee, they will hold your payment until you receive your purchase, then will forward payment to the seller.
  5. You should think twice before using electronic payment systems like PayPal. With these services not only do you typically do not have any rights if the transaction goes bad, and you also lose your ability to file a mail fraud claim because you are not 'mailing' payment. Plus we have heard a lot of horror stories, especially about PayPal.

The United States Federal Trade Commission provides some free information for auction users. Please see their publications entitled  Internet Auctions : A Guide for Buyers and Sellers and FTC Information on Online Shopping

Where should I go now?

First, we recommend that you Register with us. Since we email you a registration code that must be used to activate your account, we recommend that you register now instead of waiting until you wish to bid or sell and item. This way, if there is any problem we can fix it now before you miss an item you want to bid on.

If you have not done so, read our Seller Tutorial and/or Buyer Tutorial so that you understand how our auction works.

When you are ready, browse or search our auction listings. To browse items listed in a particular category, click on the category name located on our home page along the left side. To search for an item, enter your keywords into the search box located on out home page near the top of the page and click 'Search'. Click here to return to our home page.

To list an item for sale, click here and we will take you to our List an Item page.

If you need more help, navigate to our Help Center. Our Help Center can be accessed by clicking on the Help Center link located near the top of any page.

Enjoy our Site!