Proper Choke Selection in 3-Gun

Noting that there's not one perfect choke for all 3-Gun competition needs, national 3-Gun competitor Mark Hanish of Team FNH discusses how to select the right choke so that you're sure to put enough pellets on the target in challenging shotgun stages.

Brownells AR

Meet U.S. Olympic Team Member Amanda Furrer

USA Shooting Team member Amanda Furrer, who will compete at the Olympic Games in London this summer, discusses her sport of smallbore three-position rifle and the challenges of competing at the international level. She also provides tips that shooters of all ability levels can use to improve their performances.



Cooking With Georgia Pellegrini: Braising Venison

Hunter and classically trained chef Georgia Pellegrini shares another recipe with you from her new book, "Girl Hunter." In this video, Georgia shows how to make a tough cut of meat tender using the cooking technique called braising.


Understanding Scope Tracking

Former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Cleckner explains that not all scopes track identically and offers a drill you can use to find out if your scope over- or under-tracks in both windage and elevation.


Explained: Mil, Milliradian and Minute of Angle

Though shooters carry the terms as common coin, not everyone can define "mil" (short for "milliradian") and "minute of angle." Get familiar with them as Wayne van Zwoll explains the terms in this article.


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Tips on Mounting and Levering Your Rifle

World Champion Cowboy Action Shooter Jim Finch, known as "Long Hunter," offers tips and advice about Cowboy Action Shooting in this excerpt from the DVD "One on One with Long Hunter." Learn how to properly mount and lever your rifle.


Are Custom Rifles a Good Investment?

Some gun collecting investments are safer than others. How much risk do custom rifles carry?


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