Adds CrossBreed Holsters Shooter's Pack
to Springfield XD-S Giveaway

Enter To Win Bonus Prize at has teamed with CrossBreed Holsters to add a Shooter's Pack as a special bonus to its " Springfield XD-S Giveaway." To win both prizes, participants must enter via Facebook for the CrossBreed Holster Shooter's Pack, and complete the online entry for the XD-S on

No purchase necessary. One entry per person. Promotion ends Aug. 31, 2012. For complete entry details and official rules, click here.


#gunvote: NSSF's Voter-education Resource

The votes of shooters and hunters can make a huge impact at the polls in the 2012 election. To help voters better understand where candidates stand on firearms and shooting sports issues, NSSF has developed #gunvote, an online resource where you can find the latest stories about candidates for office, locate your polling place and register to vote. Also, add your voice to the conversation by using the hashtag #gunvote on Twitter and other social media sites.


Video: 'One Vote Stands Between You and Your Rights'

Don't think this year's presidential election is important? Watch this video, an eye-opening reminder for all firearms owners to exercise their constitutional right to vote in order to protect another constitutional right, namely the Second Amendment. NSSF asks that all firearms owners share this video far and wide.



Cowboy Action Crossdraw

World Champion Cowboy Action Shooter Jim "Long Hunter" Finch demonstrates the configuration for a safe and proper crossdraw.


Shooting Positions in the Field

For those times when the prone position is not an option, former Army Ranger sniper team leader Ryan Clecker discusses alternate shooting positions to make sure you are as stable as possible.


A Magazine for Range Volunteers, Employees

Volunteers and employees at shooting ranges and clubs, or even individuals who are simply interested in range operations, can keep abreast on how to keep shooting facilities operating at their best by reading The Range Report, "NSSF's Magazine for Shooting Facilities." This easy-to-access digital publication is available at, where you can also find past issues, frequently refreshed range news, advertising opportunities and more. Subscribe to the magazine's new monthly e-newsletter here.


Headspace 101

What Happens Inside Your Rifle's Chamber

Headspace is the distance from the face of the locked bolt to a datum line or shoulder in the chamber that arrests the forward movement of the cartridge. Wayne van Zwoll explains why it matters. Read More

The Exciting Sport of 3-Gun Shooting
Try this fun test of speed and accuracy, using rifles, pistols and shotguns Read more.

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Gun Collecting Tips: What's It Worth?

Pricing a collectible firearm is tricky business. Here are some examples that show why and what you can do about it.


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