#gunvote: Republicans, Democrats and the Second Amendment

Now that both parties have shown their cards on the Second Amendment, firearms owners should take note of which party's platform fully supports the right to keep and bear arms. This video clearly points out the major differences between the Republican and Democratic views.


Romney, Ryan Will Protect American Freedoms


It's disappointing but it's a fact. When tragedy strikes, there will always be politicians who leap to exploit it. Right now, Washington politicians are trying to manipulate recent events to push a tired, pre-existing agenda to restrict our freedoms. They're pushing for new restrictions on ammunition sales, ammunition magazines, and millions of commonly-owned guns. But not Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

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  • Fact: The next U.S. president could nominate as many as three new justices to the Supreme Court.


Cleaning and Maintaining Your AR-15

Gunsite Academy instructor and gunsmith Cory Trapp shares his way of cleaning and maintaining the AR-15 carbine.


National Hunting & Fishing Day Celebrates Sportsmen's Contributions to Conservation

This year's observance of National Hunting & Fishing Day on Saturday, Sept. 22, is a special one because it coincides with the 75th anniversary of the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration initiative. WSFR is responsible for restoring and safeguarding wildlife and fish and their habitats throughout America. Through self-imposed excise taxes on hunting, shooting, archery and angling equipment, and a tax on boating fuels, sportsmen and women have generated more than $45 billion for wildlife and habitat conservation since 1937. Join NSSF President Steve Sanetti as he tells the story every sportsman should know in this video.


Share Your Fall Harvest with Those Who Need it Most

It is often said that what a person gives is returned tenfold. In this video, NSSF's Glenn Sapir asks you to keep that in mind if you tag a deer or other game animal this fall. Hunters have the opportunity to share their harvest with food banks and church kitchens through programs like Hunt to Feed and others that are active in nearly every state. In 2010, more than 11 million meals were provided to the less fortunate through hunters' donations of game meat. We have no doubt that if you make a donation, your return will be one of personal satisfaction and the sincere thanks of recipients.


.223 vs 5.56: An Exhaustive Comparison

Although they look nearly identical, don't assume .223 loads are the same as 5.56. Here's a thorough look at why.

'Preserve' Bird Hunting Traditions
Shooting preserves provide great opportunities to get young hunters started. Read more.

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Inside the National Firearms Museum's Petersen Collection

Here's a look at the rare and unusual items from the largest gun collection to be donated to the National Firearms Museum.


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