Holiday Gun Buying: Things to Remember

Thinking of gifting a firearm this holiday season to a family member or friend? There are many laws and regulations, from federal to local, to consider before you do. Read the NSSF Blog post on Holiday Gun Buying so that you can make your gift memorable for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones.


Springfield XD525

Accessorize Your AR-15 Rifle

One reason the modern sporting rifle is so popular is that it can be accessorized to the max. In this video, Gunsite Academy instructor Cory Trapp discusses some of the gun's most popular accessories, including red-dot optics, magnifiers, foregrips, lights and custom stocks and pistol grips.


Hitting that Curling Target

The curling target in sporting clays is one of the most intimidating for shooters of nearly all ability levels. Gil Ash of OSP Shooting School tells you how to avoid shooting at the illusion the curling target creates. Hint: Never be inside the arc.


Precision Pistol Shooting

Champion pistol shooter Doug Koenig covers how he approaches precision pistol shooting events and shares tips that help him succeed in competitions, including stance, natural point of aim, grip and practice routines.


Sporting Ammunition and Fire

The subject of how sporting ammunition will react in a blazing fire is rife with misinformation. The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute, the standards-setting organization for the industry, has provided this video to fire departments nationwide to help firefighters better address the realities of fires in which sporting ammunition is present. Gun owners (and non-gun owners) also can benefit from knowing these facts.

10 Ways to Find a Hunting Mentor
Programs that provide guidance to budding sportsmen and women. Read more.

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Collecting the First Colt Clone

Most people don't know about the Great Western Arms Co., which made the first Colt SAA clone. Even reference books can't get it straight! But for a while, the Great Western was the idol of the American handgun scene.


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