Related Links has a process to deal with Non Paying Bidders (NPB's). NPB's are filed by the seller against a buyer who has not made payment on an item. will issue Final Value Fee (FVF) and relisting fee (if applicable) credit to sellers when the seller can prove a buyer has not paid for an item. As per our User Agreement, the buyer is required to complete the transaction with the seller. However, sometimes mitigating factors such as sudden illness, job layoffs, and communications problems occur which cause good buyers to be unable to complete a transaction. A NPB report may result in the suspension of the buyer's account. Suspended accounts may be reopened at the sole discretion of site management after a review of the account's history and circumstances.

Seller steps for a NPB

1. Contact the buyer

After the listing ends Any time after the listing ends, you can try and contact the buyer about arranging payment and delivery options. highly suggests that you try and make contact with the buyer within 3 to 4 days after the close of the listing. The sooner you try to make contact the quicker your transaction will be.

2. Send Payment Reminder

Between 4 and 40 days after the listing ends A payment reminder is a polite email that sends to the buyer to remind them that they need to send payment to you, the seller, for the listing they have won. It also informs the buyer that their account could be suspended if they do not complete the transaction with you.

This step is REQUIRED for the NPB process.

How to send a payment reminder:

3. File NPB against the buyer

4 days after a Payment Reminder has been sent


Less than 45 days after the listing ends
Filing a NPB is a formal charge against a buyer. The buyer gets a formal email stating that this is their final warning to pay you, the seller, for the listing that they won. The seller will have to wait at least 10 days before they can request a credit from for the FVF on the listing the buyer failed to pay. The buyer will have a chance to tell their side of the story if they so choose.

How to file a NPB
  • By going to Credit Requests in My GunBroker and use the "select" action arrow option on the payment reminder row to file the NPB.

4. Request Credit for listing

10 days after a NPB has been filed


Less than 60 days after the listing ends


The buyer has not disputed
Ten days after filing a NPB, a seller is required to request a credit for their FVF on the listing in question. In order to receive a credit for your FVF the item must be relisted on

How to request a credit
  • Go to Credit Requests in My GunBroker and use the "select" action arrow option on the NPB row to request a credit.

5. Cancel NPB

Anytime If the buyer completed the transaction with you, the seller, you can cancel the NPB. This will end the NPB process.

How to cancel a NPB
  • Go to Credit Requests in My GunBroker and use the "select" action arrow option on the NPB row to cancel the NPB.

Buyer steps for a NPB

1. Seller files NPB

Sometime before 45 days from end of listing The seller can file an NPB Report against a buyer after they have tried to contact the buyer and sent a payment reminder. If the buyer has not responded or paid the report can be filed.

2. Buyer disputes the NPB

Some time before 60 days from end of listing If you feel that the seller has filed this NPB in error, you can dispute this NPB. You, the buyer, will need to fill out a form explaining your side of the story. The NPB record will go into "Dispute" status. If you paid the seller, please have proof that you paid the seller. will listen to both the seller and you, the buyer, and will make final judgement on this issue. You can keep sending more information about the NPB until the final verdict is given. Remember that having a NPB report filed against you as the buyer and not resolving the issue can result in suspension of your account.

How to dispute a NPB
  • Go to Claims Against Me in My GunBroker and use the "select" action arrow option on the NPB against you to dispute the NPB.