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Find Uzis for sale on The world's largest gun auction website,, carries a large selection of Uzi submachine guns. Read up on a brief history of the Uzi, and then take a look at our wide range of Uzi auction listings from our many trusted sellers. If you are looking to sell your Uzi on, feel free to use the information below to fill out your listing, inform your potential buyers, and help your listing stand out from the many other Uzi listings on

Created by Israeli gun designer Uziel Gal in the late 1940s as a personal defense weapon for auxiliary military troops, the Uzi continues to be one of the most commonly used defense weapons. It can be found in usage by militaries and law enforcement in more than 90 countries, including the United States Secret Service. Law enforcement has also played a role in the success of the Uzi, and Uzi variants have been manufactured for civilians as well.

A popular Uzi model is the Uzi 9mm, and you can also view our extensive inventory of other semi-automatic pistols. Civilian variants of the Uzi include the Uzi Carbine and the Mini-Uzi Carbine. The Uzi Carbine is fitted with a longer barrel—16 inches—in order to surpass the minimum length that is required for U.S. civilian sales. The Mini-Uzi carbine possesses a 19.8 inch barrel. The Uzi pistol, a semi-automatic variant of the Uzi, was also produced from 1984 to 1993.

Find whatever type of Uzi you are looking for today by browsing our complete offering of new and used Uzi firearms and accessories. Find a variety of different Uzi ammo magazines and accessories, including suppressors and shoulder stocks. Remember that, if you are not able to find the Uzi firearm or Uzi accessory that you are currently looking for, new auctions are uploaded all the time, so check back regularly to find the best deal on the Uzi you desire.

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