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Weatherby History

Roy Weatherby started out building bespoke rifles built up from Mauser actions. Offering a few different types of actions, including a left handed one, Weatherby would use any that the client chose so long as it could handle the desired cartridge. In 1956 Weatherby had the opportunity to produce his own line of rifles in a partnership with Sako, in addition to his custom rifles. His debut proprietary design was the Mark V bolt action rifle, which was designed to withstand the experimental cartridges Weatherby was also developing at the time.

Today Weatherby offers rifles and shotguns designed mainly for hunters and trap/skeet shooting. Shotgun designs include over-under, side by side, semi-automatic and pump action. Weatherby offers a variety of different models at different price points. While the Vanguard series of rifles is more affordably priced, the Mark V rifles are considered very high quality with guarantees for performance and accuracy in addition to using more expensive ammunition.

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