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FN Five Seven History & Specs

Technically this semi-automatic pistol is trademarked under the name “Five-seveN" as a homage to manufacturer FN Herstal. The FN Five Seven was developed alongside the FN P90 but was released later (in 1998). Originally only available to law enforcement and military buyers, the FN Five Seven has been available to civilian markets since 2004. Like its counterpart the FN P90, the FN Five Seven today is lightweight, has ambidextrous controls, relatively low recoil with its corresponding FN 5.7x28mm cartridge and can pierce body armor with some types of ammunition.

The FN Five Seven was the first semi-automatic pistol to use delayed blowback, an innovation designed to ease the recoil on powerful rounds and to keep the pistol's weight down. Although it was originally released as a double action only device, newer FN Five Seven models are single action and feature a manual safety device. Designed to offer NATO forces more powerful rounds in a lightweight package, the FN Five Seven is currently used by agencies such as the US Secret Service, Montreal's SWAT and units of the Italian Army.

FN Five Seven Pistols For Sale

Now that you've learned a little bit about the FN Five Seven's background and specs you can see what models are available on GunBroker.com today. Or you can look for FN Five Seven parts, accessories, ammo, or do some research on the market before you list your own. GunBroker.com believes informed buyers are happier buyers – feel free to use some of the info we've gathered here when you list your own FN Five Seven to attract buyers' attention.


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