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If you're looking for Fail Zero Bolt Carrier Groups (BCG), you've come to the right place. Welcome to, the world's largest online auction site dedicated to firearms, hunting, shooting and accessories. We have thousands of auctions – including dozens for Fail Zero BCGs – that are constantly being refreshed. So check back often until you find just the Fail Zero BCG you're after.

Fail Zero BCG Basics

Bolt Fail Zero BCGs are made to fit a variety of firearms, including the AR15 and M16. Fail Zero has a patented nickel-boron coating treatment that it claims helps reduce friction to improve your rifles overall performance by providing permanent dry lubricity, extreme durability, increased wear and corrosion resistance. Every listing at is different, but most Fail Zero BCGs include nickel-and-boron treated bolt carriers, extractors, cam pins, carrier keys and firing pins, and some models include a semi-automatic hammer for single-stage rifles.

What is a Bolt Carrier Group and What Does it Do?

The bolt carrier group, such as Fail Zero BCGs, are usually found in gas-operated weapons. They cycle the weapon as such: First moving forward, the bolt grabs a round fed from the magazine. The round is then chambered by the bolt. Soon after the extractor catches the cartridge's rim. The bolt locks the barrel extension. The BCG is also involved in the actual firing. When the sear releases the hammer, it strikes the firing pin, located in the BCG. The cartridge fires and then one of three things happen, depending on your weapon: Gas is sent back into an actuator rod, into a chamber located within the bolt carrier, or directly on the bolt face itself The bolt then unlocks when the bolt carrier is pushed back. After unlocking, the cartridge is released from the chamber and a spring-loaded ejector ejects the spent round during the BCG's rearward cycle. Finally, as the BCG completes its rotation, the hammer is cocked to allow the weapon to repeat the process.

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