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Welcome to GunBroker.com! Perhaps you’re looking for more information on tactical rifles: if that’s the case, look no further! We’ve put together a brief summary of tactical rifle specs and models for you to read before heading to our auction pages to see all of the tactical rifles for sale from our trusted sellers. Use our info to help you make a decision about what kind of tactical rifle you’ll buy, or, if you’re selling a tactical rifle, use this explanation to round out your item’s description and make it even more enticing to buyers.

What is a Tactical Rifle?

The term tactical rifle can refer to any number of rifle models, and often associated with semi automatic rifles, although bolt action and other rifle types can also be designated as "tactical." Another term used frequently in relation to tactical rifles is "sniper rifle." Virtually any rifle designed for precision shooting can be referred to as tactical, although there are some other defining characteristics that are associated with the term.

Ostensibly designed for use by law enforcement and military agencies, these rifles are usually black and kitted out with high-magnification scopes, powerful sights and other accessories that improve accuracy. Tactical rifles can also have high-capacity magazines and plastic stocks rather than wood. Tactical rifles have been around since long before technological advances in optics were available, however. Any rifle model designed for precision shooting, particularly in the context of combat, can be considered a tactical rifle. Modern tactical rifles tend to have many accessories available so you can design your own modular tactical rifle kit and enjoy shooting with the tools you prefer.

Popular models of tactical rifles for sale on GunBroker.com every day include those manufactured by Bushmaster, Colt, ArmaLite, and many others. Browse the wide selection of tactical rifles for sale below to see what our sellers have available to buy or bid on today.

Tactical Rifles for Sale on GunBroker.com

If you already know exactly what type of tactical rifle you’re looking for, head on over to our auction pages to find your pick from the tactical rifles for sale today! If you don’t see what you’re searching for today, be sure to check back later as our auction listings update every day – the item you want is sure to come up soon. If you aren’t certain what model of tactical rifle you’d like, consider narrowing your search by caliber, brand or other characteristic such as custom creations or antique guns. While you’re browsing tactical rifles don’t forget to look for the ammo, storage and other gear you might need to accompany your new purchase. GunBroker.com offers a huge selection of guns for sale, hunting gear, targets and every other type of gear you need for successful days at the range or in the field.


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