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Williams Gun Sights History

Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc., has produced gun sights and other gun accessories since 1926. The company is based in Davidson, Michigan, just outside Flint Michigan and about an hour drive headed northwest from Detroit. Its headquarters features gun ranges classes for all skill levels. The company offers classic receiver sights, classic open sights. It calls its latest line of gun sights Firesights: fiber-optic, light-gathering sights that the company says allow for higher visibility and faster sight and target picture. The aircraft strength aluminum and steel construction is said to perform equally well in the day time and night time. Check each Williams Gun Sight listing for specifics or contact the seller for details.

Gun Sights Basics

Simply, and perhaps obviously, sights are devices used to assist when aligning or aiming. They can be as simple as a set of markers that must be aligned in relation to a target (iron sights) to more technologically advanced scopes. When using iron sights, many shooters opt to paint their front and rear sights to help distinguish them more quickly thus improving accuracy. The trick is to choose bright colors easily distinguished in low light. Williams fiber optics help solve this problem with glowing sight rods.

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