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Under the Buyer's Protection Program buyers of items purchased through are covered for amounts up to $500 with a $100 deductible against fraud. For example, if the winning bid price is $500, you are eligible to receive $400 in the unlikely event of fraud. Every buyer is automatically covered at no charge under the terms of this program. The coverage is effective for any item listed on or after September 15, 2001.

While fraud is virtually non-existent at, our Buyer's Protection Program gives you as the bidder the peace of mind to bid and buy with confidence. Our Buyer's Protection covers two specific forms of fraud:

  1. You pay for an item and never receive it, or
  2. The item you receive is materially different that its description, such as winning a stainless steel pistol and receiving a blued one instead.

To be eligible for Buyer's Protection coverage you must be the winning bidder of an item as defined by our User Agreement. 'Side Deals' in which you were not the winning bidder, items bought or sold through the 'Want Ads', and any other transaction in which you were not the winning bidder of an auction here are not eligible for Buyer's Protection. Damage sustained in shipment is not covered by the Buyer's Protection; it is the seller's responsibility to insure the item against damage in shipping.

If you are having a problem with a seller and believe that you have been defrauded, please do the following:

  1. Try to contact the seller directly via email, telephone, or snail mail. Many problems are either misunderstandings or difficulty in communications. You can use Resolving Problems with the Seller located in For Buyers to request the seller's contact information and call or email him.
  2. We strongly recommend that buyers and sellers work together in an attempt to resolve their dispute.
  3. Review the Fraud Claim Process to understand the claim process and to determine if the item is eligible for Buyer's Protection.
  4. If you have been unable to work the matter out with the seller and 30 days have passed since the ending date of the auction, you can file a Fraud Report. To allow the seller sufficient time for communication between yourself and the seller you must wait a minimum of 30 days from the date the auction ends to file the Fraud Report. The Fraud Report must be filed within 60 days of the end of the auction; claims made after 60 days will be denied by the insurance company.