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22 Hornet Basics

The 22 Hornet is a 22 caliber, centerfire cartridge designed for hunting vermin, small game or deterring predators. It is sometimes called the 5.6x35mmR. The cartridge was introduced in 1930 as a more powerful alternative to the 22 WMR and the 17 HMR. It also is widely viewed as a more versatile round because of its centerfire design, making it easier to reload by hand. The 22 Hornet was designed by Townsend Whelen and G.L. Wotkyns for Winchester. It has a neck diameter of 6.2 millimeters (.243 inches). Its shoulder diameter is 7mm (.276 inches). The diameters at the base and rim are 7.6mm (.298 inches) and 8.9mm (.350 inches), respectively. The case of the 22 Hornet measures 35.6mm (1.403 inches). It has a 1-14 rifling twist. The 22 Hornet's standard bullet is 5.7mm (.224 inches) and can be purchased in 35-, 40-, 45-, 50- and 55-grain varieties. It bullets velocities and energy change with weight. When tested from a 24-inch barrel by the Hodgodon Powder Company, here are how the different weights performed: 35 grain 22 Hornet (3,060 feet per second, 728 ft-lbf), 40 grain (2,826, 710), 45-grain 22 Hornet (2,787, 776), 50-grain 22 Hornet (2,713, 817), 55 grain 22 Hornet (2,652, 859).

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