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Take your GunBroker.com experience to a whole new level by becoming a GunBroker.com Gold Member.

GunBroker.com offers premium memberships on a limited basis. For an annual fee of $49.99, you can upgrade to GunBroker.com Gold and receive access to many valuable Member Benefits.


Gold Member Benefits

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Premium Support

Exclusive Live Chat with GunBroker.com Support gives you real time answers to support tickets. Get any question answered in real-time whenever or wherever you might be.



GunBroker.com works with industry suppliers offering Gold Members special deals on firearm and hunting products. Gold Members have exclusive access to deals and pricing not available to the general public.


Membership Badge

As a Gold Member, you receive a prominent badge that displays on your GunBroker.com profile. Let everyone know that you are in this limited, premium members group.


Welcome Kit

New Gold Members receive a welcome kit filled with GunBroker.com goodies including a premium multipurpose firearms tool that was named the Golden Bullseye award winner in its “Gear of the Year” category by NRA American Hunter Magazine.



In this Gold Members-only newsletter, we will answer your buying and selling questions and provide expert tips. We cover best practices when buying and selling on GunBroker.com making your experience easier and more profitable.



The GunBroker.com Gold Team constantly works to provide Gold Members with access to events, deals and special surprises.

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